November 10-12, 2021 – Online Format
Local time in Moscow is used in the agenda below, which is +2 hour compared to Central European Time.
Wednesday, 10 November
Opening of the conference
Antonio Luque (IEEE R8 Region Director), Igor Agamirzian (Vice-president of the National Research University Higher School of Economics), Yuri Baturin (Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Keynote talks
Moderator Igor Agamirzian
11:30 Computing in Russia: Thirty Years after the USSR
Igor Agamizian (Professor, Vice-president of the National Research University Higher School of Economics)

12:00 Telling the story of computing using computer technology
Giovanni Antonio Cignoni (HMR Project, Italy)

12:30 Limits of "the Self", boundaries of Personal space and IT
Yuri Baturin (Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

13:00 Women in the computer world of the USSR and Russia
Marina Smolevitskaya (Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia)

13:30 Questions and discussion

13:50 Closing remarks
Discussion: Technical museums of the future
Moderator & key speaker Giovanni Chignoni
Thursday, 11 November
The history of the development of computer systems and developers teams. Part 1
Moderator Roman Abramov (HSE University)
11:00 Pierre Mounier-Kuhn The beginnings of electronic computing in European and Soviet countries. A comparative paper.

11:35 Irina Krayneva and Olga Savelova FEMALE PROGRAMMING FACE (MID 1950s – EARLY 21st CENTURY)

12:10 Giuseppe Pelosi and Stefano Selleri Florence and a Leap in Cryptography: The Leon Battista Alberti Cypher Disk

12:45 Božidar Radenković, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić, Zorica Bogdanović, Dušan Barać and Aleksandra Labus Development of analog, digital and hybrid computing in Serbia 1950 - 1970

13:20 Sergey Nagibin, Mikhail Senatorov and Valery Shilov On the history of informatization and automation of banking activity in the USSR and the Russian Federation

13:55 Massimo Guarnieri Olivetti and early Italian computers
The history of the development of computer systems and developers teams. Part 2
14:45 Yuri Polak Project Gutenberg celebrates its 50th anniversary

15:20 Roman Abramov Algorithmization of project management in the USSR in the 1960s and 70s: the example of adapting the PERT methodology to Soviet computers

15:55 Karen Howells and Ebrahim Soujeri History of telecommunications in Cyprus

16:30 Vasiliy Burov and Sergei Prokhorov Influence of associations for the operation of computers on the development of system software in the USSR

17:05 Raúl Rojas The Architecture of Konrad Zuse's Z4 Computer
Friday, 12 November
Education and computer history
Moderator Evgeny Patarakin (HSE University)
11:00 Giacomo Bucci From a personal collection to an educational exhibit of the advancement of computer technology

11:30 Nina Borisova The Сomputer-based Museum on the Way to Knowledge Societies — from the history of the A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications

12:00 Victor N. Sheludko, Nikolay V. Lysenko, Larisa I. Zolotinkina and Sergey O. Shaposhnikov Electrical Engineering in Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University in 19th-20th Centuries

12:30 Aleksandr Kornilov Retrospective of Computer Programs in Electrical Engineering Education

13:00 Aleksey Kuzmin and Alexander Matveev The history of the introduction of digital competencies among students studying in the direction of "State and Municipal Management"

13:30 Evgeny Patarakin Educational community stories told by agent-based modeling
Other social and industrial aspects of computer and electronic technologies
Moderator Edward Proydakov (Virtual Computer Museum)
14:30 Giuseppe Pelosi, Antonio Savini and Stefano Selleri A Brief History of Computational Electromagnetics

15:00 Pavel Yermolov and Viktor Pestrikov V. P. Vologdin – the creator of the first Russian machine radio stations

15:30 Yuri Polak Problems of information transmission in rare editions of XIX century

16:00 Alexander Chumanov Influence of radio communications development on music production technology

16:30 Vadim Afanasiev, Victor Voronov, Dmitriy Danilaev, Maxim Danilaev, German Il'In and Oleg Morozov Development of quantum electronics (fundamental and applied problems) at the Kazan National Research Technical University n.a. A.N. Tupolev–KAI
Closing briefing